You have an important choice to make when purchasing your insurance – work directly with a single insurance company or financial institution OR partner with an independent brokerage like MHK Insurance. Although we may be a bit biased, the choice seems clear to us.

Why limit yourself to one company or bank that only sells its standard coverages and rates (which may not fit your needs the way they should nor be there for you when things get rough) when you can have access to a multitude of insurance companies out there competing against one another for your ongoing business.

It’s that simple. Working with a brokerage like MHK means we consult with you to figure out what your needs are, find who can best protect you, then ensure your insurance company fulfills every commitment they make to you if something goes wrong.

And it’s not you paying us for our expertise; it’s the insurance companies. So, there’s only good that can come from allowing us to be your insurance advocate.