We’ve been a local, independent insurance broker since 1913, serving the people and industries who make Alberta strong.

Whether you’re an energetic student or a devoted parent, an enterprising entrepreneur or an established business owner, at MHK Insurance, our story happens here with you.

On these rustling plains, over a century ago, our roots began. Back when fresh train tracks stretched beneath our feet. When grain elevators owned the horizon. In your grandpa’s, or even great grandpa’s, glory days.

From Edmonton to Calgary, across Alberta and beyond, we’ve been right here all along, proudly backing our rich, diverse communities. As new generations arise, ideas and technologies we only imagined a century ago emerge. And still, beginning after beginning, we’re excited to support what’s next.

Our History

We’re full of good advice. Over a century’s worth, actually.


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Over the past 100 years, we’ve learned a thing or two about Albertans.

Our origins run deep here, intertwined with the people and businesses who call Edmonton, Calgary, Bonnyville or Alberta home. We know our clients on a real, personal level, and take the time to understand who you really are. We’re with you through all of life’s adventures, celebrating your wins and supporting you through the challenges. We even get excited about helping you through the small print (really). That’s how we offer such individualized, warm and clear-headed guidance.

We’re an independent brokerage for a very deliberate reason. It lets us shape your insurance plan around you. At MHK, we only choose providers we believe in—ones that align with your needs and protect your unique interests. Here, only the most competitive, comprehensive coverage will do, and our independence ensures that. Because we’re on your side—the communities and industries that have been with us since the beginning.