Remember the days when everyone knew everyone? When you’d call a neighbour when you were short ingredients. We do. And, we loved it.

You know what else we love? The privilege of working with great people to protect what matters to them.

Take Alina, for example. She swims laps like clockwork. Her boy just got his licence (after the second try)… and she owns a Ukrainian café. Oh, and her home renovations are underway too. Yes, we know Alina well. No profile needed. Because at MHK, real people still serve real people.

We want to hear the story of where your life has taken you, where you are headed and what your hopes and dreams are.

At MHK, we take time to get to know who you really are.

Then, we’ll work to design a personal insurance program that meets your specific needs and lifestyle.

Whether you’re just starting out, enjoying your golden years or right in the middle of things, we’re here to support you—celebrating your good times and standing right next to you when things go awry.

Get advice and coverage that aligns with you and your life.