Our Team of Brokers is always ready to help!

Beyond all else, we consider the overall wellbeing of those who mean the most to us to be our top priority. This means taking care of our fellow MHK colleagues and their families, our many wonderful clients, our insurance company partners, and those living in our communities.

Our shared experiences during the pandemic served to elevate the importance of all our relationships, especially those with our clients. We gained a fresh appreciation for our long history of building solid, positive relationships with those people who rely on our services, both personally and commercially.

Whether our brokers work remotely or in a MHK office, we strive to provide them with an abundance of tools and endless support so they feel good and prepared to offer you their highest level of customer service.

For our clients, we still enjoy and look forward to connecting with you in person. So, both the Edmonton and Calgary offices are open to visitors Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. However, if there is a specific broker you want to meet with, we recommend you make an appointment with that broker in advance of arriving, at least the day before.

Since we’re fortunate that insurance needs can be taken care of over the phone or by email, we do encourage you to call or email us first and avoid extra travel when it’s really not necessary. Unless you just really like visiting with us too.

We also encourage our clients to make their premium payments digitally through secure non-contact methods like Interac e-transfers, EFTs and credit cards. If you pay your insurance company directly, we can assist with online payments or payment plans through the insurance companies. Simply give us a call to determine the best payment method.

If you have any questions about MHK and how we work for you, please reach out to your MHK broker. Our corporate email is general@mhkinsurance.com or our three specific regional emails/numbers are:

EDMONTON           edmonton@mhkinsurance.com      780.454.9363
CALGARY                 calgary@mhkinsurance.com            403.255.3050
BONNYVILLE         bonnyville@mhkinsurance.com       780.826.6963

Warm regards,

Jeff Homynyk